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Podiums & Lecterns

Podiums & Lecterns

Modern lecture halls have requirements that go well beyond dry erase boards. Multimedia functionality and internet access are increasingly a requirement, meaning that presenters and lecturers need reliable access to computer technology at will. SMARTdesks podiums and lecterns offer sophisticated computer hardware integration, giving your presenters full technology control during their time in front of the class.

Lecterns & Podiums with Computer Screens

SMARTdesks offers a lineup of computer podiums and lecterns with monitors designed to fit your particular technology, space and presentation approach.

  • Our mobile podiums allow you to easily relocate the unit depending on factors such as space arrangement and group size.
  • Using a notebook computer for your lecturer? Podiums and lecterns with our patented flipIT® technology allow the user to rotate the laptop out of sight as needed, providing both convenience and security for valuable computer hardware.
  • If presenter visibility or line of sight is especially important, our glass top downview podiums can give your lecturer full computer access with an unobstructed view of the class.
  • SMARTdesks provides a complete menu of options, including task lights, ventilation fans, appearance upgrades and power/data port integration.

In business since 1997, our industry expertise and evolution with changes in computer technology allow us to manufacture a custom solution that will fit your particular space. And our active learning furniture and collaborative learning furniture solutions can help your instructors provide a rich learning experience for every one of your students.

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